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I'm back! and a update!

2016-09-18 07:49:13 by MagpieAni

First of all. I am really sorry about having to go on a rather sudden and unannounced hiatus. However, everything is fine now and I can return of what I love doing.

So, as for the update. Because of my hiatus the Kali-yuga kickstarter did not get funded. (unfortunately :( ) But I'm not going to let this get me down! Kali-yuga is not done yet!

I plan on doing a live-stream soon and will be posting times soon so keep an eye out for that.

Other than that. Commission Is still open and I will be posting updated information soon.

I'm glad to be back!


30 Days of Kali-yuga: Day 3!

2016-07-03 08:08:19 by MagpieAni



30 Days of Kali-yuga: Day 2!

2016-07-02 09:30:46 by MagpieAni


Support the project on kick starter! 

30 Days of Kali-yuga: Day 1!

2016-07-01 11:48:24 by MagpieAni



Help bring Kali-yuga to life. SUPPORT THE PROJECT ON KICKSTARTER!


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Today marks the start of Kali-yuga’s kickstarter campaign! We hope we can reach our goal and be able to share the world we have created with everyone! 

For those of you who don’t know, Kali-yuga is an animated web-series that was written by myself and G.I.S.S. Details can be found of the kickstarter page.


To countdown the kickstarter campaign. We will be posting what we are calling the 30 days of Kali-yuga. Seeing as the campaign is going to last for 30 days we will be posting one face about the project everyday until it is over. hopefully by then we would have reached our goal!

Please help this project have it’s chance.

Thank you! 


Stream will start in 1 hour.

2016-06-15 14:05:04 by MagpieAni

My stream will start in 1 hour. I will be doing character portraits. If you have a request. send me a message or join the chat at the side of my stream. Link to stream below!

I'm going to be doing a stream of character portraits. If you want me to draw one of your characters or an exsisting character. send me a request.

3 HOURS until the stream.

I will upload the finished result for those who do not watch it.


2016-06-15 09:03:56 by MagpieAni



Commission prices and infomation. Any questions, send me a message.

Character portrait request stream!

2016-06-15 07:14:40 by MagpieAni

Hi everyone!

Today I want to do a stream where I take and draw character portrait request from people. Feel free to send me a message with a request and watch the stream to see me do it. 

The stream will be here:

I will announce the time later.

The request can be anything from OC to existing characters. 

I found this thing on DeviantArt and it helped me. Let's see if it can help others.